Re: Program Window not displayed

John Martin (
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 07:35:50 -0600

At 01:18 PM 3/21/96 +-100, you wrote:
>I have this problem with cu-seeme:
>When I start the program the startup screen appears, the audio window =3D
>appears, but the cu-seeme program window is minimized on the taskbar and =
>I cannot restore the window.
>The version is W0 84
>The OS is Windows 95=3D20
>the computer Notebook DX4 100, 16 MB Ram, 256 colors
>Can anyone help me?
>Ant=F3nio Andrade
I had the same problem. Edit cuseeme.ini in you windows directory and set
the following.

[Menu Position]

Mine had VERY large numbers for left and right, which placed the window off
the screen.

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