Re: IBM advice requested

Darrell Kitchen (
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 09:01:00 -0600

Raphael Raphael wrote:
> In light of all the garbage that's been filling our boxes lately, I humbly
> ask your indulgence on the following, non CU See Me related question:
> A good friend has asked my advice in buying a computer. He's considering
> an IBM PS2. As a Mac user , I don't know if the following is a good deal
> or a screw-job. Could any IBM users help me help him?
> Thanks, Raphael
> He's looking at:
> IBM PS2, 386 SX55, 80 MB, 4 RAM, DOS 6.22, Windows 3.1, Word, Works, Color
> Monitor, Keyboard= $400.
> Should I tell him this is a good deal. I'd really appreciate help on this
> one. Long message not necessary, just a yes or no would do it.

Personally, from a used-to-be-IBM-user-turned-PowerMac-user anything less than a
486 is a screw deal. I recently purchased a PowerMac for less than 1600.00 and a
486/33 IBM CPU (cpu only, no monitor) for $500 at Radio Shack. The CPU was
not a Radio Shack brand name but was AST Advantage with 250MB hard drive,
keyboard and mouse and 4MB of memory. It also had the same configuration as far
as software was concerned, only I added more. The PowerMac I kept for myself
and gave the IBM w/SVGA monitor and USRobotics 14.4 internal modem to a
friend who has never experienced the joy of computing yet. He only uses the
computer for e-mail only, and uses my Internet account to surf the Internet. So, in
essence, I'm telling you you can get better for less.

The reason the CPU was $500 was that it was a floor model that Radio Shack has on
display for sales purposes only, and was in perfect condition.

My advice to you is, never take advice and shop around for better deals.

Darrell (in the shadows)