Re: PowerMac 7500 Q's

U2 (
Thu, 21 Mar 96 09:41:33 -0500

>I have a PM 7500 and would like to begin investigating CUSee Me. I
>have read that I can do that w/MacTCP but am currently running
>w/sys7.5.2 and Open Transport; have also been told (by Apple tech)
>that installing MacTCP instead of OT causes sys crashes (and have
>experienced them, having to do several clean installs, apparently
>because of it (so saith Apple)).

Upgrade to Open Transport 1.1. Make sure you are not using Virtual =
Memory & everything will work just fine-No need for MacTCP.

-this is an automated message- Just kidding.


PS This is funny. Most Macintosh users problems can be answered with =
two or three sentences (I type the same ones over & over). When I =
watch Windows support responses, there is usually massive of words! =
-Just my .02=A2 =3D:+>

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