Comparison: Mac vs. Windows for CUSeeMe

Dennis J. Streveler (
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 21:59:09 -0800


I have undertaken a few "unofficial" tests of CUSeeMe and came up with some
interesting results. By accident, I used TWO CUSeeMe nodes hooked to the
SAME reflector as follows:

NODE 1: Pentium 150, Windows95, running Enhanced CUSeeMe, CUDoodle in gray
as video source, using ISDN 64k/128k line


NODE 2: Mac Quadra800, running latest Cornell version, QuickCam as video
source, using DIALUP 28.8 line

GUESS which one "won"? In two sessions on two different days, the MAC
configuration one hands down for video transmission and reception! I don't
understand this! (Yes, I did carefully consider my transmission and
reception speed options) I had assumed that the ISDN-based node would have
won hands down.

I would not have believed this, if I hadn't seen it side-by-side. The video
windows opened faster on the Mac-based node, and the received fps was
consistently higher!

On one count the PC wins hands-down and that is in audio transmission
clarity. (I am going to try the SoundBlaster beta full-duplex drivers.) I
think the Mac may have won on audio reception, but that one was a very close

Interesting, eh? I am anxious to see how the Mac-based Enhanced CUSeeMe beta


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