ISO IP provider issueing fixed IP's ;Westbrook, Maine Area (tel 207) or

Ko Stoel (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 18:23:20 +0100


I am looking to setup CUSeeMe for a friend the most easy way..

Personally I use CUSM on a mac as well as on a W95 system;
(Is Apple dying ;) ????)

On the W95 dynamic IP addressing is still a problem for CUSM ?? Couldn't
find any pointers in the Cornell distribution.. (How many users aren't
using dynamic IP, so...) For me; I can choose for a dynamic or a fixed IP
address . CUSM under W95 with the fixed IP scheme is working here.

But what to do for my (computer illiterate) friend in Westbrook Maine;
Does anyone know of an IP provider there that issues fixed IP addresses;
Or is there a workaround so that CUSM can handle dynamic IP's... for
dummies I mean. (Well.. I would like to know too) Does it work for CUSM to
construct a hosts file with the whole dynamic IP range as seperate entries

Anyone in this area (area code 207) with a working CUSM under W95 , modem
dialup, and with satisfactory bandwidth to the Internet backbone ?? Please
let me know

This is not about IP masquerading (one IP node servicing IP for
sub-connected systems with fake IP addresses) Slirp.. etc.

Thanks in advance