Help with video quality

Dennis Coffey (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 20:57:15 -0500

Hi folks,
I'm hoping some kind soul will help me fix the problem I'm having. Here's
my equipment:
Pentium 100mhz, 16M RAM, 28.8k modem, Stealth 64 VRAM video with Motion
Video Player 2000 capture card, JVC VHS-C camcorder. I'm using cuseeme v
0.84b7 and trying to use cudoodle as my video source.
I'd rather not use cudoodle, but I can't seem to get cuseeme to pick up
local video from my capture card. So I'm running captest to get a live
video window and placing that window over the cudoodle capture window. This
does give me live local video into cuseeme. The problem is this: while my
captest live video window is nice and clear, the local and transmitted video
from cuseeme is very fuzzy and appears to be horizontally mirrored
(shadowed). I have mirroring turned off in cudoodle.
Firstly, does anyone know how to get cuseeme to pick video straight from
my capture card so that I can discontinue using cudoodle. If not, please
give me some ideas of the cause or correction of the video quality decline
from captest to cudoodle to cuseeme.
Thanks very much for any help.