win95 and cuseeme

Mike (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 22:26:31 -0500

I am usind CU on win 95....I do not seem to be having any problems (none
that I have noticed) but I am finding it difficult to find
documentation. I am a little confused (read lot) on this host file. Is
this file needed in 95 and where exeactly should it winsock apps
are in my windows dir. I am also not finding docs about 1-1
sessions...just exactly how does one go about contacting another CU
user.....any answers would be appreciated.

some specs: win 95
16 megs or 20 depending on how I feel about my extra 4<G>
sound power pro16 sound card
cirrus logic vid card
Connectix cam

I know my IP address I use in my dial up is but ping
changes the last number to 117....???????is this my number?????....and
what about the host says

so many questions........<G>.....any answers?????

The Phone Guy