Re: My *reflector* seems to be half-working; any idea why?

Brian O'Shea (
Sat, 23 Mar 1996 18:28:45 -0500

>Any reflector experts out there? Help!!
> Cornell reflector running on Sparc-20 w/Solaris 2.4
> PC on Novell ethernet LAN running Windows 95 (with TCP/IP)
> CU-SeeMe client (latest Cornell version)
> I run the reflector software and it appears to comes up with no
> errors; I can run refmon and connect to the reflector, do "who"s,
> etc.
> When I connect from the PC, I get the inital reflector greeting
> but it never completes the connection, and eventually times the
> connection out -- even though refmon and the reflector log show I
> did get in!
> If I can get the inital greeting screen, doesn't that mean
> everything's hunky dory? Am I missing something?
>Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hmm, Sparc 20 huh. I'll bet that's not your "personal" machine. I'll bet it
does some routing duties too. Is it possible that it has multiple interfaces
(IP addresses)? If so, it's possible you need to connect to the interface
that is "closest" to you. The simple way to determine which one that is is to
simply try connecting to all the available interfaces.... :-)

You can find out what interfaces you have by doing an "ifconfig -a".

Let me know if that fixes it...


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