Computer Eyes RT capture card problem

Bill Johnson (
Sat, 23 Mar 96 18:32 CST

I am having a problem with my Computer Eyes RT capture card. I am running
Win 95 and CE ver 5.12 software. When it is installed the card really slows
down my all of my internet functions. This is with the drivers loaded by
the ini files. I pull the card out of the slot, reboot, and all is ok. I
have tried several addresses. The networking stuff in Win 95 seems not to
like the hardware plugged in to the slot. I can connect to a local BBS with
the card installed and all is ok. Is the card mapping a part of memory used
with Networking? Cuseeme works with the card. I did install two other
programs to try with the card, Cinecom and Vid????. Maybe these programs
left a nasty driver around that I haven't found. Any help and suggestions
will be appreciate. I would especially like to hear from someone using this
card and Win 95. Thanks.