Re: PowerMac 8500

Kevan Alexander (
Sun, 24 Mar 96 01:39:21 -0800

>I have a powermac 8500 and it's got built in video capability. IE -
>composite video input in the back panel. I can't get CU-seeme to
>recognize it. I know it is configured and working, because I can use the
>Apple Media conferencing. The other parts of CUSM work fine.

I read somewhere that Open Transport, which an 8500 uses, is not yet
supported. I have had somewhat limited success using CU-SEEME on my
8500, though for short durations only. I have narrowed the problem I'm
experiencing down to either my ISP not being able to keep up the
bandwidth required for long durations, or Open Transport causing the
modem to ISP modem communications synchronized. I won't know which it is
until my ISDN is installed in May.

Also, RAM Doubler and Virtual Memory play havoc with CU-SEEME. I had
even less success with CU-SEEME until I turned both off (after I was
finally able to upgrade my Mac's memory).

Good luck!

Kevan Alexander