Re: PowerMac 8500

Adam Skwersky (
Sun, 24 Mar 96 12:37:21 EST

I'm using a PowerMac 6100/85MHz 24MB real ram/ethernet T1/Ram Doubler/Speed
Doubler System 7.5.3 and OT 1.1 with absolutely no problems.


> >I have a powermac 8500 and it's got built in video capability. IE -
> >composite video input in the back panel. I can't get CU-seeme to
> >recognize it. I know it is configured and working, because I can use the
> >Apple Media conferencing. The other parts of CUSM work fine.
> I read somewhere that Open Transport, which an 8500 uses, is not yet
> supported. I have had somewhat limited success using CU-SEEME on my
> 8500, though for short durations only. I have narrowed the problem I'm
> experiencing down to either my ISP not being able to keep up the
> bandwidth required for long durations, or Open Transport causing the
> modem to ISP modem communications synchronized. I won't know which it is
> until my ISDN is installed in May.
> Also, RAM Doubler and Virtual Memory play havoc with CU-SEEME. I had
> even less success with CU-SEEME until I turned both off (after I was
> finally able to upgrade my Mac's memory).
> Good luck!
> Kevan Alexander