[*] ENHANCED CU-SEEME; Help needed

marshall katz (marshall_katz@mchfmccm.navy.mil)
Sun, 24 Mar 96 10:48:58 EST


I've noticed that you respond to problems, suggestions and ideas
submitted by members of the newsgroup. I for one, appreciate that &

I need your help. I have been evaluating the Enhanced CU-SeeMe from
White Pine to according to our business requirements. Overall, your
product meets our needs with a few qualifications concerning the White
Board feature discussed below.

For technology infusion in my organization, we are keenly interested
in the White Board option of CU-SeeMe (and Audio) over the Internet. I
was told that the White Board option of the Enhanced CU-SeeMe is still
being enhanced (or will be enhanced for the next release).

Since I believe that to be the case, below please find the
qualifications I mentioned above that I would like to ask you (time
permitting) or another representative of White Pine to review and

Your answers are desperately needed to help me (and others) make cost
effective decisions for our desktops in the near future.

Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you (or other WP Rep soon).


A few qualifications:

1 Does the current White Board option of the Enhanced CU-SeeMe
meet the T.120 Data Standards (not yet adopted)?

2. The White Board will not allow me to bring in a Word Perfect
(.WP*) nor Word for Windows (.DOC) document.

a. Is this capability planned?
Is the capability currently under development?
Its anticipated release date?


b. Is it a proprietary issue thereby requiring Application
data sharing and the current White Board is just an
interim solution (to help marketing the product now) with
Application data sharing coming later? When?

3. I wrote a sample MEMO using MS Notepad which included a non
delimited column style matrix in the middle of the page. Once
I connected with my other Beta Tester at another location in
the U.S., I then loaded the Memo into the White Board. Once
loaded into the White Board, I lost my free form formatting
and the White Board changed my font to a smaller size (again
messing up my formatting).

a. Is it planned that the White Board loads and uses fonts
from my system? (The font list in the White Board is

[As an after thought, maybe it wasn't planned to bring in
a document created by anything other than with the White
Board and its' fonts, just a hunch on my part. In other
words, the user is forced to use the White Boards' Text

4. Much of our White Board work will be usually one to one and at
other times one to many. Is it possible, whenever I have the
White Board option up and running full screen, to have the
option of having at least one user window show through the
White Board from behind? I saw that DEMO'd by another product
and it is a very nice touch (User Friendly!).

Thanks again to White Pine for the Enhanced CU-SeeMe.