CUseeme with quickcam and win95

ode (
Sun, 24 Mar 1996 18:14:21 -0600 (CST)

I have setup CUseeme with quickcam video input to the parallel
port on a local LAN (token-ring 16mbps), this is a point to point
Both PCs run windows 95 one is pentium 75Mh the other 486 66Mh

Both PCs run TCP/IP stack which comes with windows 95
I can make a connection, but the frame rate is never above
zero fps and the video window update is very slow.
slower than a connection to a reflector on a dial-up Internet

Ping shows good roundtrip figures, and when theres no connection
the local window shows a good frame rate (up to 12fps on the pentium)

as soon a I make a connection the frame rate starts falling to zero

Has anyone used quickcam with good results on a PC? what kind of
fine tuning needs to be done to the quickcam drivers (grey scale, fps,etc)
and to CUseeme (compression and min-max thresholds) ?

Thanking you,
Aditya Jani