Re: PowerMac 8500

Andrew (
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 12:32:37 +1100 (EST)

>I have a powermac 8500 and it's got built in video capability. IE -
>composite video input in the back panel. I can't get CU-seeme to
>recognize it. I know it is configured and working, because I can use the
>Apple Media conferencing. The other parts of CUSM work fine.

Strange. Do you have virtual memory off e.t.c? I have a 6200 with the
apple video player, and connected up a camera the other night via the
yellow vid input and the two RCA audio inputs. The signal was recognised
when going to video source - video - up it came in nice colour.

Now....for the big test! Got Cu-SeeME going, and up came an image from
the camera in the local video box!! Trouble was, it was very dark compared
to the visible image with the video player. But!....I went to the settings
for sharpness, contrast e.t.c. and was able to produce a really good B&W
image (actually of my puppy...maybe some of you saw him the other night, as
"Corgi Cam" !!).

So...CU-SeeMe (.83b3) recognised the camera which was going into the
video inputs at the back of the mac without any help from me (and the apple
video player was not on either)... not sure about your problem tho... I
assume it's coming up okay when viewed through the video player?