Re: PowerMac 8500

U2 (
Mon, 25 Mar 96 12:34:54 -0500

>I have a powermac 8500 and it's got built in video capability. IE -
>composite video input in the back panel. I can't get CU-seeme to
>recognize it. I know it is configured and working, because I can use the
>Apple Media conferencing. The other parts of CUSM work fine.

Turn off Virtual Memory, Use Open Transport 1.1 & dont use the S-Video.
If you are using the Apple Media conferencing package, it most likely is
using S-Video. I took the same camera, [unplugged the S-Video jack, then]
connected an RCA jack directly to the back of the camera and connected it
to the RCA Video In jack, plugged in an AC adapter & it worked fine for