party/event this friday!!

dianna rawleigh (
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 15:14:28 -0800

i'm setting up CUSeeMe at a big party in San Francisco this friday night
(the Anon Salon-- invitation follows for anyone in the area who might be

I'm looking for people out there using CUSeeMe who we can party with live.
maybe a caf=E9/event/gathering of some sort.

Ideas anyone?

=46riday, March 29 - ANON SALON - FOOLproofPARTY - 285 9th St.@ Folsom
- Patrick Martin/ Magician/ CyberConjuror
- Arthur Bell/ P-a'int Master Whimsy
- Burning Man/ BEyond BElief Video Voyeur (see below)
- Wayne D. Doba/ The Farewell Tour!!
- T-Ruth/ the FUNKY psyCHIC
- Mr. Dr. Bishop Joey & R We Really?/ St. Stupid Preview
- Freddie Williams Trio/ Jazz in the Joint
- Dianna Rawleigh & DV Magazine/ CU-SeeMe/ Fool hARTy pARTy Interaction
- Katherine Du Tiel/ Foto-Figurations
- Big Screen Web Surfing/ Internet Literacy Cons.
- x Mix 4/ CG animation
- Foolish Antics/
- ROOM with a New.../Reconfig of Anon Space