Re: CuCme/ win95

Herman Rouge Willett (
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 23:47:49

I've been using cuseeme for about a month with win95. No
problems. Have some problems on 3.11 though.

>Hello! I am a new user and I cannot get CuCme to work. When I start it, it
>Gethostbyname0 failed (11001)
>Problems with Receive Network Initialization. CU-SeeMe will exit
>Unable to create the (invisible) Network window
>Then I just have a tiny window and I don't know what to do. I am really new
>at CuSeeme and apparantly I don't understand how it works. What's this
>reflector stuff I keep hearing about?
>Can someone please help me??
>I have a gateway 2000 p5-120 Mhz, 16 mb RAm but I don't have a camera or any
>software permitting me to send video. I wanted to see the Antlantis launch a
>few weeks ago but I have no clue on how to set this thing up. If someone
>could help, I wold be reaarlly grateful.Thanx :)

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