RE: time-lapse image capture?

Tue, 26 Mar 1996 17:32:40 -0600

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But, the question is.. does this software save the captured images into
individual files? Thanx!

Carlos Labastida
Volkswagen-GEDAS NA
Basic Technologies/Internet
Xtnsion 4164

>Sent: Martes 26 de Marzo de 1996 11:00 AM
>Subject: re: time-lapse image capture?
>Time lapse with the Quickcam? That's *easy*: get the new version of the
>Connectix software, version 1.1; it includes both time lapse video (eg, a
>frame every two seconds, etc) and time lapse capture (one JPG every two
>seconds, for example.)
>I've captured 14 hours of video (160x120) at one frame every 3 seconds,
>taking about 400MB of disk space.

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