party invite

dianna rawleigh (
Tue, 26 Mar 1996 12:54:26 -0800

sorry folks, forgot to include the invite-- here's the whole gig:

We're setting up CuSeeMe at the San Francisco Anon Salon party (invite
follows) this Friday, the 29th of March. We're looking for people to
conference with live from the party. An event/ caf=E9 gathering, etc. Or jus=
you and your friends. anyone out there interested???

and the invite:

=46riday, March 29 - ANON SALON - FOOLproofPARTY - 285 9th St.@ Folsom
- Patrick Martin/ Magician/ CyberConjuror
- Arthur Bell/ P-a'int Master Whimsy
- Burning Man/ BEyond BElief Video Voyeur (see below)
- Wayne D. Doba/ The Farewell Tour!!
- T-Ruth/ the FUNKY psyCHIC
- Mr. Dr. Bishop Joey & R We Really?/ St. Stupid Preview
- Freddie Williams Trio/ Jazz in the Joint
- Dianna Rawleigh & DV Magazine/ CU-SeeMe/ Fool hARTy pARTy Interaction
- Katherine Du Tiel/ Foto-Figurations
- Big Screen Web Surfing/ Internet Literacy Cons.
- x Mix 4/ CG animation
- Foolish Antics/
- ROOM with a New.../Reconfig of Anon Space