(Mac Query) Getting sound, complete vide

Wed, 27 Mar 1996 15:40:24 -0500

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From: Roskar, Veljko
To: ' internet'
Subject: (Mac Query) Getting sound, complete video?
Date: 1996-03-27 15:29
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I have a Quadra 630 on a v34 modem (albeit at 24000 kbps max connections -
darn that Telco!), using OT 1.1 and the latest CU 68k version of CUSeeMe.

What do I need to do to get sound, from NASA, for example?

I've had some success in getting it from an individual on another reflector,
but no luck with NASA sound or video: when I open up a NASA reflector, I get
a few pixel blocks of the image, and then it seems like all subsequent
packets get dropped.

Please help!

Veljko Roskar