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Daniel W. Erskine (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 18:20:12 -0600

Raphael wrote:
> Hi. New user looking to use CU w/ 4th grade class. I have a 14.4 modem,
> but want to transmit/receive sound, so I'm buying a 28.8.
> I'm considering a Fastmac 28.8 for $139.
> Is this a good modem to use with CU.
> Could a mac user share with me what modem they've used successfully?
> Any other things I can do to make sure we get good sound?
> I'd really appreciate a quicky resonse from anyone who can take a second to
> respond.
> Thanks,
> Raphael Raphael

I agree you should purchase a 28.8 baud modem. There are 33.6 bauds out there
that can get you connected higher than you'ld think! I have a US Robotic's 28.8
Sportster (internal), and I purchased a 33.6 firmware chip upgrade directly from
I am writing this message while connected at 28800 baud! If I hadn't bought
the firmware upgrade, I'ld still be connecting between 21.6 to 26.4 baud! Keep
in mind that these rates are based on the quality of MY phone lines, in my area!
This is not a sales pitch for USR products! I have been pleased with the wide
range support that 3rd-party telecommunications software have for USR's products!
My message? Check into modems that will support 33.6! Chances are that you'll
want to go with your "prestigeous" manufacturers, if you go 33.6!

Good luck and I hope I've helped,
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