Stephen Wong (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 21:11:19 -0400

Hi all:

I launched the CU-SeeMe but no local video window. All
the video options are grey out. I read some of the web pages
and they said that it is because it doesn't BELIEVE I have
camera and digitizer. But here is my system:

Power PC 7500/100, QuickCam at printer serial port

I have tried to put the SpigotVDIG extension in
the system folder but it is failed (with a red cross on
it) during startup without any error message.

I have changed the color depth but still failed. Why
does it BELIEVE I don't have the hardware, instead of
letting me to tell it where the hradware is?

Please help. I really want to get it work.

Thank you. I appreciate any help.