dynamic IP Address and the Windows ' hosts ' file; why and how???

K S (ko@knoware.nl)
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 13:31:17 +0100


there are a few IP assignment issues from Ip providers;

1. dynamic IP addresses (not specifically per serial port)
2. dynamic fake IP addresses (IP masquerading slirp etc)
3. Fixed IP addresses

I just changed from a MAC to W95...
What should be in the hosts file if I have dynamic real IP addresses..
With the MAC it was no problem for CUSM but on W95 it (via the
native W95 IP stuff) seems to be needed . Does the ip-address <>
hostname entry in the hosts file need to be the IP address of that
moment (when connected)

Or should I textedit the hosts file just before running CUSM uuhh... but
isn't the hosts file used when W95 IP stuff starts up.

The faq just doesn't handle this deep enough . I realy don't understand
as there will be so many users with this problem . It should change in
future releases (faq)..Or is Cornell just concentrating on ethernet-ters