how do you bypass internet using CU-SEEME?

Achawin Asavabhokin (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 12:00:22 -0500 (EST)

From: "Daniel W. Erskine" <>
Organization: <>


Here's another thing to try when you both decide to get QuickCAMs. Try to dial
into each other as if you were the other's ISP! Consider this: you both would
be on your own "party-line" with little if any overhead! CU-SeeMe communication
would come in *much* better since you're both bypassing the internet, altogether!
This is something I've been passing by the "CU Consortium" for the past few
months. I can do it with Trumpet WinSock,a "null modem" cable and Windows 3.x;
but I haven't tried it with Win95's dialer, yet! Boy, these are WONDERFUL TOYS!


How can I bypass the internet using win95? Can this be done using CU-SEEME? Does it mean that there is a dialer or a command in CU-SEEME that enable you to connect straight? Or use the dail up that come with win95 to call the others' computer and then how should I settle the connection? I would really appreciate the help since it would be much better if you can just connect straight to other person. (much like video phone then :-)


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