SB16/SB16 Vibra PnP and Win95 - Mike sensitivity

Alain Caillet (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 13:16:07 -0500

The new SB16 Vibra PnP (single chip version of the SB16) came
with applications only for WFW. Win95 users are supposed to
rely on the default MS Win95 accessory volume control.

This mixer/volume lacks some of the features of previous Creat
Mixer such as the overall gain multiplier (x1 x2 ...x8) perfect
to boos the usual weak computer microphone sensitivity.

The SB32 PnP is apparently now shipped with Win95 applications.
The mixer ( ctmix32.exe) has all the extra features and works also
with previous SB16.

As anyone tried it ? Does it works with the SB16 Vibra PnP ?
I located the exe file but it does not want to start in my Win95
using SB16 Vibra. I suspect it needs extra dll's ?

Thanks in advance for your input. Alain
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