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Bill Ryan (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 13:57:11 -0800


We DO read the list.

Obviously you've already spoken to a WPSI rep. and received an answer.

I'm an engineer and read this list for technical reasons, NOT to hear
complaints about ordering software :(

There are literally 10's of thousands of people who have received Enhanced
CU-SeeMe (Windows version) (and their free t-shirts as well).

Unfortunately, only those who are impatient post this type of thing. Thanks
to the many who DID reply however that they DID receive their copies.

BTW, the Mac version is just going into Beta - so you'll be waiting for
awhile for the released version.


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>I have not received my Enhanced CuSeeMe purchased 3/16/96 by fax, even
>though Yvonne has verified my order. My credit card statement has not
>arrived yet, but now I'm getting nervous. I ordered the Macintosh version
>and I'm hoping I haven't order vaporware. Any more details on your end yet
>Wouldn't it be great if the people at White Pine read this list and replied.
>BTW, I "TRIPLE-DOG DARE" them to... Heehee!
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>>From RMARTIN@MHSGATE (Renard Martin) {}, on 3/20/96 6:45
>At 06:51 AM 3/26/96 EST, marshall katz wrote:
>> Renard...
>> I received my copies. The t-shirt was inside the box with the
>> software, not mailed separately.
>> Marshall...
>Thanks, I hope it comes soon.
>Renard (Marty) Martin
>Herndon, Virginia 22070
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