"Cu-SeeMe Addiction Survey"

Gunnar R Grape (gunnar.grape@qsoft.se)
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 20:14:19 -0800

Brothers and sisters of Cu-SeeMe!

I've received 3 copies of something called the "Cu-SeeMe Addiction
Survey" (that's enough, thanks)! Personally I think this "survey" is no
more than a rather blatant attempt at collecting addresses and all kinds
of other private information about users of Cu-SeeMe. This is certainly
the way it comes across, seeing the nature of some of the questions ...
Don't fall for this!

I will be following, with great interest, the continued discussion of the
technical aspects of Cu-SeeMe on this forum, being new at this.

Hope to see you all soon, out there! Gunnar R Grape