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Al Riccio wrote:
> Regarding your CU-SEEME correspondence with
> I also have a new 28.8 Sportster(internal) modem
> with built in 33.6 baud capability.
> Unfortunately Windows95 only recognizes 28.8 USR's
> and USR does not appear to have new drivers for
> Windows95 to recognize 33.6. Am I presently limited
> to about 26.4 because of my telephone lines or because I
> really only have a 28.8 driver? How did you achieve
> superior performance? Do you have a 33.6 driver and
> does it come up on Windows95 modem configuration info?

USR's "hayes command set" is the same (near as I can tell) between the 28.8
and the 33.6 modems. From what I've read, USR took their 28.8 chips and
optimized the coding to achieve better thoroughput. The result being the 33.6!
When configuring Win95, you would use the standard 28.8 modem settings, for
internal or external.
Now for the good part! With this "optimized" 33.6 firmware chip, you *should*
see an average increase of about 2400 baud per session. To test this, try to
make several connections to your ISP WITHOUT the upgrade, noting the connection
rate each time. Now, upgrade your modem and preform the same number of tests,
connecting to the SAME ISP. You WILL notice that your modem will NOW support
higher baud rates than previously!!! I say SUPPORT! Your line quality is STILL
a major factor, but your *average* connection rates WILL improve!
For further information, try researching these URL's:

US Robotics HomePage: <>
28.8 baud modem issues: <>

Hope this clears up any mysteries. Let me know how you fair,
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