Re: SB16/SB16 Vibra PnP and Win95 - Mike sensitivity

Daniel W. Erskine (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 17:05:22 -0600

Alain Caillet wrote:
> The new SB16 Vibra PnP (single chip version of the SB16) came
> with applications only for WFW. Win95 users are supposed to
> rely on the default MS Win95 accessory volume control.
> This mixer/volume lacks some of the features of previous Creat
> Mixer such as the overall gain multiplier (x1 x2 ...x8) perfect
> to boos the usual weak computer microphone sensitivity.
> The SB32 PnP is apparently now shipped with Win95 applications.
> The mixer ( ctmix32.exe) has all the extra features and works also
> with previous SB16.
> As anyone tried it ? Does it works with the SB16 Vibra PnP ?
> I located the exe file but it does not want to start in my Win95
> using SB16 Vibra. I suspect it needs extra dll's ?
> Thanks in advance for your input. Alain
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Try looking for Win95 drivers on Creative Lab's "little-known" home page at
<>. Also, they have an FTP server at that location!

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