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Daniel W. Erskine (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 20:50:40 -0600

Leslie McClure wrote:
> Despite the rating of your modem the speed will never be greater
> than the speed of the modems at your ISP. The two modems have to be
> at the same speed to connect. The lastest version of the Ascend
> modem/routers have a bug in them that is not capable of handling the
> 28.8 of the USR especially. Many, if not all, ISP's are setting
> they're connect speeds to 26,400 max to try to keep the Ascends from
> dropping the connections. Even if your ISP doesn't have Ascends
> in all probability his modems are 28.8 v.bis. That and the local
> telephone loop conditions and traffic on the server could well hold
> the speeds down to 26,400.

This is true! And I must thank you for supporting my point with information
I had forgotten to mention! Yes, both modems will connect to the highest baud
of the lower baud modem. I.E. - ISP w/28.8 will connect no higher than 28.8
when connected to a user with 28.8 and above!
As far as phone line quality is concerned, I agree about "Ma Bell" having
limited B/W. Where I disagree, is how the increased modem compression technology
is disregarded! The 33.6 firmware chip is providing higher levels of compression
for the limited power of the phone lines, albeit a relatively "small" increase!
And from what I've come to understand, USR has this "weird" stain on their
reputation? I'm not sure why? I've heard something about their "lucrative" way
of putting 28.8 baud modems on the market BEFORE V.34 became a "standard". I
also know that they offered FREE V.34/28.8 upgrade chips in recognition of the
pending standardization! I also heard that there was a contraversy involving
the way they set their "Hayes" compatable "S" registers (a.k.a. - "S" or "AT S#"
registers); or should I say, switched them around without the user's knowledge?
Aside from these points, I STILL stand by my USR. If I had another brand-name
modem that supported 33.6, I would STILL purchase THAT modem over a 28.8! IMHO,
I believe that connection rates would STILL be improved.
If I'm missing something, I am ALWAYS open more for information. Remember, I
would rather stand corrected than sit confused!!!

Hope this is received well,
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