Re: Instructions on using CU-SeeMe

Daniel W. Erskine (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 21:32:56 -0600

dayo wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently downloaded the cu-seeme software, but I have no idea how to
> run it and no instructions are available on any of the cornell sites.
> Could someone please help me. Either let me know where to get
> information on using the program or just let me know what to do.
> Please reply directly to my email address because I am getting off this
> mailing service now.
> Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear you cannot stay with us! You could receive a WEALTH of info on
CU-SeeMe and it's configuration issues. You would also be able to receive the
information you requested, as your question is frequently asked by beginners or
Anyways, you can search the YAHOO server at <>, looking
for "cuseeme" or "cu-seeme". This is an all-encompassing way of finding every-
thing you could POSSIBLY need! Or, you could check out Mr. Michael Sattler's
home page at <>!
Mr. Sattler also has a book on CU-SeeMe and the internet. More information is
on his home page.

Hope this helps,
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