Re: Quikcam parallel port connections

Daniel W. Erskine (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 22:55:41 -0600

Colin Francis wrote:
> I have acquired a quikcam cmaera from A Radio Amatuer's Estate.
> Unfortunately there is no plug for the parallel port attached, no manual
> either.
> Can anyone supply me this the data for the parallel port, Which pins are
> used and what function is each pin used for. This wouldc really help me.
> i am a bit of a tinkerer and have a few ideas to make some modifications
> which will be made available to all when we have finished them.
> Cheers from Down Under (New Zealand)
> Colin Francis

Well, first thing we need is the type of machine you have! Are you running a
MacIntosh, IBM compatable, or what? This will help us in defining a solution.

Let us know what you have,
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