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Fri, 29 Mar 1996 00:00:01 -0500

As an incentive to fill out and email me the following survey, I am offering
a copy of my latest reflectors listing -- including my list of private
reflectors -- minus the conference IDs, of course. But if you belong to any
of these it will save you the time of editing your list. If you don't
belong, you may now be able to either write to the appropriate person(s), or
just keep your ears open online to find out if a particular private
reflector is appropriate for your interests. Sometimes people also
distribute ID on relfectors.

Incidentally, this listing is no longer available from my finger accounts,
but is in the processof being moved to a more accessible from on a web page
at ... so keep your eyes on
that if you've been trying to get it at the old location.

Here's the survey form:

CU-SeeMe Addiction Survey:

Just how addicted are you to this CU-SeeMe thing?

If you'd like to help shed a little light on the situation, please
take a few minutes and fill out the following survey about your
CU-SeeMe usage.

Be as brief as you like; or essay away -- especially if there's a
particularly interesting story that makes your point. Also, feel
free to comment on any aspect of the situation that I may have
forgotten to ask about.

Thank you for you time.

John Becker (; Moazogotl)

PS. Be sure to reply to and not to
this list.


1. CU-SeeMe Name(s):
2. Real name:
3. Email address:
4. Occupation:
5. Age:
6 Sex:


7. On which system(s) do you run CU-SeeMe? (PC/Mac/UNIX):

8. How long have you been doing CU-SeeMe?

9. How long after you first saw or tried CU-SeeMe until you obtained
your own copy of the software?

10. How long after you first saw/tried CU-SeeMe until you obtained your
own camera?

11. What percent of your CU-SeeMe time is spent in the following
environments? (Try to make them add up to 100 percent.)


12. How many hours per week are you connected to a reflector?

13. What percent of those hours are you actively participating?
(Rather than just maintaining a connection.)

14. During what hours do you most often use CU-SeeMe?

15. Are these hours during your work schedule?

16. Do you ever connect to more than one reflector at a time? :
If "yes," how many?

17. Do you ever connect to the same reflector with more than one
If "yes," how often?

18. How often have you arranged other activities around CU-SeeMe?

19. Have you noticed your CU-SeeMe time replacing or curtailing
activities you used to do?
Which activities?
How often?

20. What detrimental effects of your CU-SeeMe time have you noticed?

21. Have the comments of friends, family, or co-workers about your
CU-SeeMe time been positive or negative?

22. Have you gotten into any serious problems with family, work, health,
or school due to CU-SeeMe?
If "yes," explain:

23. Have you tried to quit CU-SeeMe activity?
If "yes," what approach did you take and did it work?

24. Have you tried to cut back on your CU-SeeMe activity?
If "yes," what approach did you take and did it work?

25. Have you ever been "ordered" to quit?
If "yes," by whom?
Did it work?

26. What positive effects has CU-SeeMe had on you?

27. Are there any benefits of CU-SeeMe that you couldn't have obtained
from another source or activity?
Like what?

28. Have you seen anything or met anyone on CU-SeeMe that you would have
never encountered anywhere else?

29. Have you met any CU-SeeMe acquaintances in real life that you hadn't
known previously?
If "yes," how many?
How far (one way) did you travel to meet them?

30. Have you become intimately involved in real life with anyone you
met on CU-SeeMe?
If "yes," did it last a single "date"/less than 3 months/3 to 6
months/6 to 12 months?
Is the relationship still on-going?
Please describe the process of getting to know that person:

31. How often have you been invited to a direct connection?
For what purpose?

32. How often have you invited someone to a direct connection?
For what purpose? (Be honest.):

33. Have you ever been "addicted" to any other activity or substance?

35. What is the importance of CU-SeeMe in the following areas:
(1 = least; 5 = most) Why?

Specify "Other":

36. What are the three most negative aspects of CU-SeeMe? (Feel free to


Copyright 1996 by John Becker