Re: "Cu-SeeMe Addiction Survey"

Luc Volders (
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 09:00:23 +0100

>I've received 3 copies of something called the "Cu-SeeMe Addiction
>Survey" (that's enough, thanks)! Personally I think this "survey" is no
>more than a rather blatant attempt at collecting addresses and all kinds
>of other private information about users of Cu-SeeMe. This is certainly
>the way it comes across, seeing the nature of some of the questions ...
>Don't fall for this!
>I will be following, with great interest, the continued discussion of the
>technical aspects of Cu-SeeMe on this forum, being new at this.
>Hope to see you all soon, out there! Gunnar R Grape

Sorry but I think you maybe wrong.
I know mr. John Becker from previous contacts over the net.
He helped a lot of newbies with CU, and he can be found on CU at many

He has written some stories (half technical but also readable for newbies)
about f.i. how to get details of persons that are on CU.
This story told how to get a persons e-mail adress from his IP number,
and has
helped a lot of users and providers.

Further he wrote a story about adult use of CU.

I think he is piling up a new story about CU.

But what the heck.
Indeed if you have something to hide you want fill in such a survey.


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stuff) on Look at the columns

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