CU seeME =>Web page =>IP address!

Christian Lanctot (
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 16:09:00 -0800


Since my ISP supplies my IP address evertime i log in, is there a
may that a user that's browsing my page could pick up my current IP (when
i'm online) and then initiate a CU seeME conference. Now i know that we
can send some data that's MIME compliant so that a user could associate
CU seeME in his helpers. The only real problem here is : my IP address
changes continously.

The main idea here is to be able to let the user know that i'm
currently on the Internet, and that if he has CU seeME, he can contact me
at the address that was picked up. Now, i know this will probably involve
CGI scripts etc... , but i'm prepared to do it!

Here's the data that i can supply:

- My ISP is running a SUN os 5.4 (UNIX)
- My ISP does support perl scripts
- My account is where my web page is (the same server duh!)

Whenever i'll be online at the same time that a user browses
through my Web page, he'll see a blinking text that will tell him that if
he uses CU seeME, he can initiate a call. And, the my IP, not HIS! will
be displayed for him to dial me up manually if necessary.

Can anybody help?
What do you think about this?
etc... ?

By the way, my web page is at and it
is Netscape 2.0 enhanced but will allow older browsers and Internet
Explorer to visit.

Thanks in advance


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