S.O.S from a newbie

CÚcile et Sylvain BOTHOREL (csbotho@MicroNet.fr)
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 20:37:29 +0100


My name is Sylvain and I live in Paris. I'm just connected on
Internet and I am very impressed by the possibilities of this system.
I've downloaded CU-SeeMe and I will buy a camera in a few weeks
(when i 'll be able to spend 1000 Francs!) for using all the CU-SeeMe
possibilities. But till then, I would like to learn how to use CU-SeeMe only
in the receiving video and sounds mode.
The ENORMOUS problem is that I can't configure my system correctly !!!
I use Windows '95 and Winsock. I've a 28.8 Kbits modem.
It would be kind from you to give me some tricks and especialy figures:
Transmission : -Min Kbits/sec =...
-Max Kbits/sec
frames/sec =...

Reception : -Min Kbits/sec =...
- Max Kbits/sec =...

Audio -100/50 mSec=
- Intel DVI /

Video setup (with and without camera) ?


PS: Could you also give me some IP addL to test my configuration.

Thanks very much for helping me.