No audio being sent?

Paul Dickson (
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 16:59:42 -0500

Cornell CU-SeeMe v0.83b3 running on a Mac IIci with MacOS 7.5.1.
QuickTime v2.1. QuickCam and MacRecorder plugged into serial ports.
Network is Ethernet.

Another Mac (same software, no video or audio inputs) sees the video but
does not receive my audio.

The latest Windows version of CU-SeeMe, running on a Windows-95 machine,
also receives video but no audio. Chat/Talk works fine.

But audio from the Windows machine to the Mac does work.

I know the MacRecorder is working because the input level meter in the
audio panel moves appropriately, and the MacRecorder software can hear it
fine. I have tried both PTT and Squelch modes. The data rates do *not*
suddenly increase by 32kb/s as I would expect them to when the audio is
turned on (Using Intel DVI codec).

I also hear no audio when connecting to a self-reflect reflector. Should I?