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>Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 15:51:54 +1200
>From: Colin Francis <>
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>Subject: Quikcam parallel port connections
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>I have acquired a quikcam cmaera from A Radio Amatuer's Estate.
>Unfortunately there is no plug for the parallel port attached, no manual
>Can anyone supply me this the data for the parallel port, Which pins are
>used and what function is each pin used for. This wouldc really help me.
>i am a bit of a tinkerer and have a few ideas to make some modifications
>which will be made available to all when we have finished them.
>Cheers from Down Under (New Zealand)
>Colin Francis

I don't know about the MAC version, but on the PC version of the Quickcam,
there is some circuitry INSIDE the connector shell, so you won't be able to
get it to work unless you could replace those parts. You might be better
off sending it to Connectix for exchange or repair, but that may cost more
than a brand new one with the warrantee. PC/Mac Connection now has the
Quickcams for $84.95 if you wan to buy a new one. Their phone number is

Chek out THIS url:

These guys reverse engineered the quickcam, and published their findings
here. Interesting reading for all of you techie folks.

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