Re: End : CUseeME messes up FTP?

Christian Lanctot (
Sat, 30 Mar 1996 00:16:26 -0800

End of thread!

The problem resided in my server's system. In fact all accounts
that where active after 11PM last night experienced problems. Why? dunno.
But they tried to blame it on my CU seeME software as beeing "non
standard" HA! After doing a few calls, and ending up in my ISP's
president's office, and with a very embarrasing e-mail to all subscribers
of my ISP (I love Unix!), they finaly got things straight.

But i must thank everyone who has answered telling me that the problem
resides in the server itself. I took the information from your e-mails
(not the addresses themselves don't worry) and shipped it to all of my
ISP's users (wow 5000 e-mails!!!!). And heck, with this very embarassing
letter, they're not gonna fu** me around any longer!!!! Just let them try
to kick me out! I'll get on another server and send the mails to all of
the users again and again ...

It's time to stand up to these ISP's that are only concerned
about making money and not taking care of us! Remember... they don't make
money unless WE pay them!

Sorry for getting out of context, but i'm so frustrated that i had to
bother everyone on the list because of a screw up caused by my ISP!

Thanks everyone!


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