System hangs up.

altet (
Wed, 20 Mar 96 05:16:30 GMT

Could some one tell me why, after using White Pines Cu for about 20 minutes,
the program goes crazy, window boxes are dropped, the red connect light no
longer works, I am unable to connect to any reflectors and finally the system
locks up? Even after turning off the computer and re-booting, the program
refuses to work at all-it is locked up as soon as I log on to it. Then, after
a few hours, I turn my computer back on and the system works fine.

One other glich-I sem to get good reception for about 15 minutes, then the
reception is slow to none.

I have a PC, 8M ram, 66hz, windows 3.11, quickcam and a 28.8 modem.

thanks for any replies.