Re:"Cu-SeeMe Addiction Survey"

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Sat, 30 Mar 1996 16:24:41 -0600

>Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 20:14:19 -0800
>From: Gunnar R Grape <>
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>Subject: "Cu-SeeMe Addiction Survey"
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>Brothers and sisters of Cu-SeeMe!
>I've received 3 copies of something called the "Cu-SeeMe Addiction
>Survey" (that's enough, thanks)! Personally I think this "survey" is no
>more than a rather blatant attempt at collecting addresses and all kinds
>of other private information about users of Cu-SeeMe. This is certainly
>the way it comes across, seeing the nature of some of the questions ...
>Don't fall for this!
>I will be following, with great interest, the continued discussion of the
>technical aspects of Cu-SeeMe on this forum, being new at this.
>Hope to see you all soon, out there! Gunnar R Grape

The second and third copies were sent by mistake (I think) by a guy on the
list that may be new to email. The FIRST survey was sent by John Becker at
Cornell University.

For those of you that don't know John, he is responsible for the reflector
lists that have been available from SEVERAL web pages, including mine, for a
few months. John has worked his tail off in the last few months keeping
this list as current as possible, even personally connecting to reflectors
to verify that they are still up and running.

John is a fine upstanding gentleman, and is doing serious research on CU.
This is NOT an attempt to get addresses and info. If he wanted your
addresses, he could send a message to the list server asking for the total
list of subscribers.

I encourage all of you SERIOUS CU-SeeMe users to take the time to respond to
his survey. Names and addresses will be kept confidential, I'm sure.

For those of you that have deleted the original message, and want a copy of
the survey sent to you again, I would be more than happy to help John's
efforts by sending it INDIVIDUALLY to anyone that asks me. I will NOT send
it back to the listserver to bother the people that are not interested.

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