RE: Upgrade help?

John W. Osborne (
Sun, 31 Mar 1996 11:37:58 +-1000

my $0.02.....

In order of preference if I were you....

Upgrade to Windows 95 so you can use the 32-bit version of the CuSeeMe
software. You are much less likely to have resource shortages of you do so.

Add either 4 or 8 megs of additional RAM to your system (pocketbook permitting)
which reduces paging, which indirectly makes your whole system perform better.

ISDN would be my last choice. Unless you are on a 1-on-1 conference with another
user who also has ISDN, you will ultimately only get other users' video, whether through
a reflector or in a 1-on-1 connection, as fast as the -other- party can send it.

Regards, John

From: Altet[]
Sent: Wednesday, 20 March 1996 20:44
Subject: Upgrade help?

I need a bit of advice on upgrading. I currently have a PC-66Hz, windows
3.11,28.8 modem and 8M ram. Would it be better to spend my money
upgrading to an ISDN line for better video reception or to add more ram
and possible upgrade to a pentium?