eddie anthony (
Sat, 30 Mar 1996 23:58:30 +0500

At the risk of major flaming, I have to ask a rather newbie-ish question.

I have gone to web sites, gone to links FROM those web sites and come up
with a long list of alleged reflector addresses, only to find that only the
Vdorm, the ICU and the White Pines actually work, and then they are always full.

Am I doing something wrong here that I can so rarely connect? There isn't a
whole lot of reason to pay for this software if I can only reach the world
once a week or so.

Also, when I used the "listen" part of it, the connection window never
showed a valid connection even when I was watching 4 panes of video. Did I
use it wrong? Is it set up wrong? I loaded it BEFORE Cuseeme like it said
but it seems to just sit there with no apparent reason for being there.

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