Re: addresses

Dave Easton (
Sun, 31 Mar 1996 13:17:39 -0700 (MST)

As said by eddie anthony:
> At the risk of major flaming, I have to ask a rather newbie-ish question.
> I have gone to web sites, gone to links FROM those web sites and come up
> with a long list of alleged reflector addresses, only to find that only the
> Vdorm, the ICU and the White Pines actually work, and then they are always full.

Hi, Ya, we all suffer with this. All the popular reflectors are full all
the time now. And, the software, at least for Win, does not help since
there is no provision for "redialing" a busy ref, like a comm progam will
redial a busy modem number over and over. I especially dislike the way small
come and go - & you never know if any reflector has closed forever or is
just down for a few days or a few hours. So you end up trying to connect
forever to a
ref that may not even still exist! CU is fine if you are calling another
user direct, but the ref probllem is getting out of hand.

Also, I noticed from your comments.. you may not have the "big" list.
Go to the CU page on Cornell's Web server and look for a link to ref
lists. The main one is by a fellow Stedman or something with an "S".
You will probably find more than you have, but there are a number of refs
on the list that never seem to be up, if they still exist. I know some
only come up for a special use, like one hour a month, etc.

Some of the more reliable ones are Cornell, of course, Carnige Mellon
speach group, North Carolina U, U of Tokyo, NASA, IBM, etc.

Hope this helps... Dave in Phoenix