Re: reflect.conf

Brian O'Shea (
Sun, 31 Mar 1996 22:46:38 -0500

>Hi all !
>I would appreciate it very much if someone could help me in
>configuring a reflector running on a SUN SPARCclassic machine
>to keep alive indefinitely a specific video sender. It appears
>that the reflector rejects the sender with a time-out message.

The reflector will never send a "time out" message. That is a message
generated by the client software when it decides that it hasn't received a
message from whatever it might be connected to in such a long time that it
decides that the other end has gone away.

Sounds like either the reflector stopped running, or your network connection
was broken.

>The sender is a 486 PC running CU-seeme under Windows 3.11.
>The whole setup is part of an experiment concerning real-time
>traffic conditions monitoring we are conducting here at University
>of Thessaloniki, Greece.
>Thanks in advance.


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