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Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 19:00:01 -0600

Questura di Torino wrote:
> ..oo00oo..
> Hallo,
> I'm Sammy and this is my first time on this list.
> I hope you apolozige me for my poor english... I,m Italian!! :-)
> I have seen for the first time, in these days, Cu-See-Me and I have
> remained some "stricken".
> I would like much can connect my cam to the Computer (I have a PC)
> for can to bequeath images. Does anybody know to counsel me a good card
> (something like Video Blaster MP-400 or SE-100) ?
> Thanks for your help and best regards.
> ..oo00oo..
Welcome! Viva Italia! I don't know if you would like to settle for an
inexpensive Connectix QuickCam. They are less than $100 American and YOu
don't even have to take the cover off your machine! For more information
go to You can get them mail order for very
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