re: Probs with CU-SEE-ME with Aptiva Video Phone

Kevin Kraus (
Sat, 01 Mar 1997 01:25:16 -0700

Hi everyone,=20

First time posting on this list. Just downloaded CU SEE ME soft and
installed OK, but can't get the picture to come out.=20

It's just B&W fuzz.=20

When I try to connect to any of the suites already loaded in the soft, I
get errors like "could not access" or "access denied"

I have an Aptiva Video Phone (Color) that came with the new IBM Pentium
166 Aptiva CV-6 and it works fine. I couldn't find anyone to video
Conference with using an Aptiva so I thought I'd try CU-SEE-ME.=20

I understand that the Enhanced version is needed for color transfers so
I'm currently downloading it.=20

Any help would be great.=20

Kevin =20