Web Page Pictorals of video

Alex Watson (alex@pathfinders.com)
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 18:15:28 -0600

I decided I should probably write this since many people are looking to =
add freshly captured gifs or jpgs to their web page. So here goes:

The way I performed this feat(sp?) was to have a machine with a package =
called Snappro running along with vidcap. What I did, and this might =
sound a little hokey: But first, let me tell you about Snappro. =
Snappro allows you to capture any part of your screen and save as a jpg =
or gif or bmp, whatever... Now.. using RECORDER.EXE (which comes with =
Windows 3.1) you can record the sequence of selecting an area and saving =
it as a gif. You might find a similar product somewhere, if not contact =
me and I'll let ya know where to get it. Its an old program but still =
available. RECORDER allows you to play back the sequence at any speed =
so you can make it update in a second or an hour.. As long as 1. the =
video capture program doesnt move on the desktop, and 2. you can save to =
your web page, yer in the deal. You can email to find the program or =
use one of your own.

Thats it! I've said it, I'm done, goodbye.