Lots of questions

Peter Cole (pcole@efit.elcm.eds.com)
Wed, 05 Mar 97 18:26:00 EST

I am considering various video packages for DTVC and have some questions
about CU-SeeMe. Could those of you in the know please help me out and
answer some questions?

Does CU-SeeMe offer clear audio?

What conditions are required so that a user can achieve 10 FPS?
- ISDN line?
- 28.8 modem?
- 100 Mb LAN?

Is CU-SeeMe H.320 compliant?

Is CU-SeeMe T.120 compliant?

How good are the collaboration features?

Does it use the MBone?

Is there full-screen video? Color video?

Is the codec always software driven?

Thanks in advance!