MMX,200+mh and video conferencing future?

Mara Schaeffer (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 05:12:17 -0800

Could some visionaries on the list comment on how necessary they think the
new 200mh+ chips such as the MMX will be in the next few years with CUSeeMe
and similar video conferencing programs of the future. Several people I
know, including myself, are shopping to replace/add to their present
system. Should we pay the extra $500- $1000 for the MMX or a similar 200mh+
Mac system? (Please, NO Mac vs IBM fisticuffs!) One teacher would like to
do speech therapy over the internet, requiring a high level of speech and
visual quality. Where do you dream, fantasize, immagine CUSeeMe will be
going in the future? Is 200mh+ a necessary part of that future; or is it an
expensive toy for gamers?